trust unwrapped - a story of ethics, integrity and chocolate


"The quickest way to build a business to be proud of is to make sure every member of the leadership team reads this book."

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Welcome to the Trust Unwrapped website


Trust Unwrapped is different from most business books, hopefully as itís more fun to read, more concise, not stuffy and full of truth.


Sometimes the thought of wading through an academic tome is too much and we are tempted to relax with a novel instead, feeling slightly guilty that we arenít keeping up with the latest management thinking. In Trust Unwrapped we use the time-honoured medium of story to put across our message, supported by easy-to-reference facts, quotes and news items on the lefthand pages.


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Motivational Speeches
The authors of Trust Unwrapped, Dan Collins and David Thompson, are both accomplished speakers and can bring the story of Trust Unwrapped to large audiences in an entertaining and thought- provoking presentation. To explore their availability please contact Jane Mole.


Seminars and Workshops
Our accredited Trust Unwrapped facilitators can host highly interactive workshops designed to create more trusting teams that in turn will boost productivity.